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What is Precious Metal Clay (PMC)?


PMC is made up of very fine silver particles of pure silver or gold held together with water and an organic binder in clay like consistancy that can be formed in any way clay can be formed. After a PMC project has been dried, the water eliminated, it is fired in a kiln.  During the firing process the binder burns away and the metal particles fuse together to form solid metal that can be patinaed, and polished like conventional materials. PMC will assay at .999 fine sliver.



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First introduced to PMC in 2000, Cheryl immediately fell in love with the medium.  She felt it was sooooo much easier that traditional fabrication. To her PMC is all about thinking outside the box.  She has always been an instant gratification type person, so she is always looking for new short cuts to pass on to her students.


Teaching is Cheryl’s greatest passion. “I love helping students come into their own creativity; learn to work from their heart, to see the potential in a lump of gray clay. This is why I specialize in entry level and intermediate classes. My objective is to introduce the medium of metal clay to the novice and have them fall in love with it and see its incredible potential,” she said..


Teaching PMC classes and workshops both nationally and internationally has allowed Cheryl  to not only teach but to learn. She feels she has learned as much from her students as they have learned from her.  Cheryl brings an infectious enthusiasm into the classroom and generously shares her expertise.  Her knowledge is their knowledge and she delights in sharing it.   


Cheryl Lucas, owner of PMC Texas, teaches at Leisure Learning Unlimited, True You Creativity Studio and other locations in Houston.She also teaches at The Creative Arts Center in Dallas as well as the Dallas Arboretum.




Cheryl Lucas has been a professional artist for more than 40 years. Her educational background includes Northeast Louisiana State College in Monroe, Louisiana where she studied ceramics, printmaking and jewelry making, and numerous workshops in various mediums though out the US. She is certified with the PMC Connection, PMC Guild Certified Artisan, and Art Clay.